If you suspect that you have Bats living in your home, we can help!

There are many problems associated with bats, including rabies and histoplasmosis. Not all bats are rabid, but all bats should be handled as if they are. Bats may be found roosting in attics, barns, vents, or behind shutters. A sign of bat presence would be the droppings, or guano, they leave behind. Bats have a very low reproductive rate, producing only one to two pups a year. If left ignored, the population will most likely spiral out of control before you know it. Although their presence can be a nuisance, or even quite disturbing, bats are very beneficial to the environment and you by consuming large amounts of insects on a nightly basis. However, if they live in or on your home, it would be advised to have them removed through bat proofing, as they can cause extensive damage to structures. Professional bat proofing is the humane bat removal process of sealing a structure in its entirety. While sealing the structure, entry and exit points are identified and one way doors, also called bat check valves, are installed, allowing the bats to exit the structure but not re-enter it. Once these check valves have been in place for several days, they are removed and the entry points sealed. If you have a suspected bat colony and are considering having them removed; give us a call to find out how we, as professionals, can help.