If you have Beavers, we can help; the longer you wait the more damage they will do!

Beavers can cause a lot of damage. With the large amount of waterways in the Finger Lakes Region, we definitely have our fair share of beaver damage and flooding. They cause problems for municipalities, villages, towns, counties, cities, parks, DPW’s, highway departments, homeowners, airports, developers, landowners, and farmers alike. They can flood and ruin golf courses, roads, ponds, dykes, parks, bridges, woods, woodland, standing timber, swamps, crop fields, agricultural areas, rivers, creeks, canals, yards, sub-divisions, neighborhoods, lakes, trees, water treatment plants, power plants, and more. Once they move into an area and start doing damage, the only hope of saving the area is to trap them out! This type of nuisance trapping is best done by a licensed and insured professional. At Frogger Wildlife Consultants, we will help you every step of the way. We first assess the damage caused by the beavers, and from there we can develop a management plan. Once the necessary permits have been issued from the NYS DEC, we can then move forward with the beaver control program. We utilize many different types of management practices with beavers including the use of cable restraints. This is an excellent way to trap problem beavers in settings where kids and pets may roam. After the nuisance beavers are removed, we then can help you apply for and file the beaver dam destruction permit or beaver dam removal permit with the local NYSDEC. At Frogger Wildlife Consultants we are not afraid to jump in and get dirty for you! We have been resolving nuisance beaver conflicts both commercially and residentially for several years and take it very seriously. We know that the longer beavers are ignored, the more damage they can cause.