Birds are a nuisance all around. They can be found nesting in gutters, roof vents, dryer vents, bathroom exhaust vent and range hood vents. Not only do they bring in nest mites when doing this they also can cause the vent fan motors to overheat and burn out from the nesting material they pack in it. Are you ready to sleep again? Call us today!

Common problems associated with Birds and Starlings include roosting on ledges, roof peaks, and gutters, as well as the droppings they leave behind. They frequently nest in roof, dryer, and range vents, and occasionally in fireplaces. The problem with the nesting in the vents is the nest mites associated with the nesting act. Nest mites are very small bugs that live in the nesting material. Also, when a nest is formed in a dryer vent, it clogs the dryer hose, causing the dryer to not run efficiently. This can cause damage to the dryer and can eventually lead to a fire. In roof vents, the buildup of nesting material can be too heavy on the light screening on the inside of the vent, which causes the nest and birds to fall into the attic area; in turn filling the area with nest debris and nest mites. Removal of Starlings and nesting material is a dirty job. The slightest wind will kick up the dust from the nest and is very unsafe to breathe. An air filtration system is necessary for nest removal work. Once the birds are removed through one-way door systems and nests are removed, the vents are fitted with vent guards to prevent the problem from happening in the future. Sometimes installing visual deterrents to control starlings is necessary to prevent future problems.