Digging in the mulch beds or under the walkways? Storing nuts in the walls? Call us!

Common problems associated with chipmunks are much the same as the Gray Squirrel and Red Squirrel. Chipmunks will also be found causing damage to flower beds, as they will eat flower bulbs, berries, seeds, and seedlings. Chipmunks can quickly cause serious damage to a sidewalk as they burrow tunnels under them, causing the sidewalks to shift and collapse. Chipmunks breed twice a year, producing two to seven young per litter. This rate can greatly increase the population of chipmunks, thus increasing the damage they can cause. The best way to resolve a chipmunk problem is through trapping. We will often trap the chipmunks until the trap activity stops, and then seal the holes that were chewed through. We offer a warranty against chipmunk re-entry at those points. We also offer the following services: removal of overhanging tree branches/limbs (to help prevent wildlife access to the roof), and the cleaning out of clogged gutters (which result in water buildup, leading to the rotting out of the wood behind them, offering a weakened spot on the home for wildlife to chew through). In the case of chipmunks, sometimes a critter barrier is essential in keeping them from burrowing under sidewalks, decks, porches, pools, garages, and sheds. A critter barrier is a chew-proof screening installed around an area.