Do you have a feral cat or feral cat colony you need removed? Tired of the fleas, feces, and spraying? Call us!

Feral or wild cat colonies are a large problem in every town and city around NYS. They are not considered “wildlife”, so most other wildlife control companies will not even field the calls for them. We see and understand the damage that wild or feral cats can cause, how fast they can reproduce and raise a litter of kittens, as well as how feral cats can suffer from the lack of food and proper nutrition. In some cases we have seen them die from injuries, disease and starvation. Unhealthy feral cats can carry and spread disease to otherwise healthy cats/pets. In most cases we can help reach your goals by trapping the cats for you and transferring them into proper carriers. Anyone that has tried trapping feral cats knows that getting a wise feral cat into a cage is more than half the battle and can prove to be difficult if you have never done it before. Once in a carrier, they can be transported to either a vet for a “Trap Neuter Release” (TNR) program or transported to a local animal shelter or humane society where they will decide what the best course of action is for each cat. Most feral cats are already sick and suffering from some sort of illness or disease, so it is wise not to handle them unprotected; leave that part to us! Give us a call to see if your situation is one that we can help you with and to discuss pricing/scheduling.