Are Flying Squirrels keeping you up at night? Give us a call!

Common problems associated with Flying Squirrels (flyers) are much the same as with the Gray Squirrel and Red Squirrel. The main difference is that flyers are primarily nocturnal, meaning they play while you sleep. Flying Squirrels typically live in attic areas and walls of homes and cottages, where they can cause damage to the insulation and often chew on wires. Flyers breed twice a year producing three to seven young per litter. The best way to resolve a Flying Squirrel problem is through trapping. We will often trap until the activity stops, and then seal the holes that were chewed through. We then offer a warranty against flyer re-entry at those points. We also offer the following services: removal of overhanging tree branches/limbs (to help prevent wildlife access to the roof), and the cleaning out of clogged gutters (which result in water buildup leading to the rotting out of the wood behind them, offering a weakened spot on the home for wildlife to chew through).