Do you have an Opossum getting into the trash, bird feeder, or garage? Call us!

Common problems associated with opossums would include them living in or under a shed, wreaking havoc on your garage, or moving into a soffit. Oftentimes they may not even live on the immediate property, but leave signs of them being there like raiding the garden, trash, or bird feeder. Opossums breed twice a year producing litters of six to sixteen young. Opossums are most effectively removed through trapping. If exclusion work is necessary, we will offer it with a warranty against reentry. Opossums have been referred to as large looking rats and have had many spellings including opposume, opossume, possum, and possume. But in the end, it’s the same old opossum. So, what ever you refer to them as, or however you want to spell it, give us a call and we can remove them all.