Tired of those Rabbits chewing up your plants? Then Call us today to set up an estimate to have them trapped!

Wild Rabbits can cause a lot of damage to gardens, shrubs, plants, tree farms, vineyards, and nurseries. Rabbits cause damage by eating the vegetables planted in the garden and by chewing the stems, buds, and small branches off of other plants and trees. Rabbits are also notorious for girdling trees and vines. If ignored, the chewing of the bark off of the trees or shrubs can eventually kill the plant. Rabbits are fun to observe in nature, but pose large costly problems when living in a landscaped yard, nursery, or vineyard. Rabbits are a bigger nuisance than most people think; causing thousands of dollars in damage in a short period of time. Humane rabbit removal is done most times through live trapping. However, sometimes steeper measures need to be taken. This can involve the installation of some sort of a critter proofing barrier to prevent future problems. We do not use or believe in repellents or mothballs. The only way to solve a rabbit problem is to either remove the rabbits or to eliminate the access to the problem area. We get several calls each year for baby rabbits being caught by cats or their nests being disturbed somehow. In many cases, we are able to remove the nest and bring the babies to a wildlife rehabilitator.