Noises in the attic keeping you up at night? Mother Raccoon living in the chimney or fireplace? Call us!

When a raccoon has become a nuisance, it’s typically because they have taken up residence in the attic, walls or chimney of a home. They are usually discovered because of the constant chatter they make, along with the foul order produced from their urine and feces. Raccoons will typically enter a building through a hole they have chewed or ripped open. Raccoons can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time. The holes can be in the soffit, fascia boards, roof vents or even weakened shingles. Raccoons also enter chimneys that do not have caps on them and den on top of the flu. Raccoons can chew through aluminum flashing and rip holes in siding, and will do so if they are not removed and relocated prior to sealing the entrance points. Raccoons are the main carrier of Rabies in NY and can also carry Raccoon Roundworm. Raccoons breed once a year, producing three to five young per litter. The best way to resolve a raccoon problem is through trapping. We will often trap the raccoons until the trap activity stops, and then seal the holes that were chewed through. A warranty against raccoon re-entry at those points is often offered. We also offer the following services: removal of overhanging tree branches/limbs (to help prevent wildlife access to the roof), and the cleaning out of clogged gutters (which result in water buildup leading to the rotting out of the wood behind them, offering a weakened spot on the home for wildlife to chew through).
In the event a raccoon is removed from a chimney, we highly recommend having us install a chimney cap, so we can guarantee a wildlife free chimney. Raccoons are commonly referred to as the masked bandit, or the trash raider. There have also seen various spellings of raccoon, including racoon, ricoon, and coon. In the end it’s the same old critter causing a lot of ruckus. If you have a raccoon problem, give us a call today.