Are Red Squirrels in the floors and walls of your home? Finding piles of nuts and nut shells in the barn or shed? Chewing or gnawing in the attic keeping you up at night? Call us!

Common problems associated with Red Squirrels are that they can burrow in the ground around homes or under porches, decks or sheds. They can also chew holes into homes to gain access to the attic and floors. Red Squirrels can cause a lot of damage to insulation and wires by chewing or gnawing on them. Red Squirrels breed once a year, producing litters of one to five young. The best way to resolve a squirrel problem is through trapping and removal. We trap the squirrels until the trap activity stops, and then seal the holes that were chewed through. We often offer a warranty against squirrel re-entry at those points. We also offer the following services: removal of overhanging tree branches/limbs (to help prevent wildlife access to the roof), the cleaning out of clogged gutters (which result in water buildup leading to the rotting out of the wood behind them, offering a weakened spot on the home for wildlife to chew through). In the case of Red Squirrels, sometimes a critter barrier is essential in keeping them under control and from burrowing under sidewalks, decks, porches, pools, garages, and sheds.