Are you fed up with the poison programs and the odors that come with them? Are you ready for some real rodent control? Call us!

Rodents pose serious health threats and fire hazards. Rodents can live in the walls, floors, basements, and attic areas of homes. Once in, they can cause serious damage to the insulation and wires by gnawing or chewing on them. Here at Frogger Wildlife Consultants, we handle mice and rat removal differently than most pest control companies. We do not use any poisons in the process. Trapping is a safer alternative. With mouse and rat poison, you end up with dead rodents in the walls, ceilings and floors. The theory of poisoned rodents leaving to seek water is a fallacy. We know this because we get plenty of calls every month to locate dead rats and mice that were poisoned. Sometimes removing them can involve cutting into the flooring or walls. Many times this isn’t an option and the customer is forced to deal with the smell for several weeks. Trapping is a safer alternative. We also seal the building from the outside to prevent future problems. Since the building is secured, it is unlikely that we will get called back for future rodent problems. But in the end, we have a happy customer and would prefer referrals over monthly poison contracts. If you have rat droppings in the basement, mouse droppings in the kitchen, or any other sign of rodent activity, don’t wait until it gets out of control. Give us a call for a consultation to see what we can do for you.