Do you have a mother skunk with babies under the garage, shed, deck, or porch? Do you have little funnel shaped dig marks around your lawn? Tired of the skunk smell? If so, call us today!

Common problems associated with skunks, other than their offensive smell, include burrowing and living under decks, garages, sheds, sidewalks, pools, additions, crawl spaces, homes, shrubs, and occasionally even living in basements. Skunks are most frequently noticed by the calling card odor they leave behind when alerted or harassed by other skunks or animals. Skunks oftentimes dig up lawns, golf courses and cemeteries in search of worms and grubs. This can cause serious damage, including killing off huge sections of turf. Skunks breed once a year producing two to ten young per litter. The best way to control a skunk problem is through odorless skunk trapping. Harassing them with the garden hose or throwing a ball at them will not convince them to move on, and will often provoke a spray. The odor tends to stick around for months. The myth of spreading moth balls around your yard or the skunk’s den site is just that; a myth, and has proven to be ineffective. We, as professionals, will trap and remove them, often without a single spray. In the case of skunks, sometimes a critter barrier is essential in keeping them from burrowing. A critter barrier is a chew-proof screening installed around an area.