Does the sight of a snake sunning itself on your sidewalk make you sick? Are the snakes somehow getting into your basement or home? Does the thought of any of this make you want to scream? If so, we understand and can help. Call us today!

The most common problem with snakes, aside from their presence, is the holes they produce around yards, rock walls, and landscaping. A lot of people are terrified of them even if they are harmless and want nothing to do with humans. The most common snake in our area is the Garter Snake, also referred to as Gardner or Gardener Snake. Occasionally we see Milk Snakes, which are often confused with larger non-native snakes because of their coloration. Snake control and removal usually involves trapping, as well as snake proofing of structures. Snake proofing is the process of sealing of all possible entry points. If snakes are getting into your basement or keeping you from enjoying your yard, give us a call and let us put an end to the madness.