Does the sight of a snake sunning itself on your sidewalk make you jump? Are the snakes somehow getting into your basement or home? Are Water Snakes keeping you from enjoying your lakefront? If so, we can help. Call us today to have them removed!

Snakes are commonly found hiding out in landscaping such as mulch beds around the yard, in the lawns, and around rock walls. Snakes will find their way into homes on occasion through foundational and siding gaps around the home. Once inside they can pop out into the living area pretty much anywhere from the basement to the upstairs. The most common snake we find in our area is the Garter Snake, also referred to as Gardner or Gardener Snake. Occasionally we see Rat Snakes and Milk Snakes, which are often confused with non-native snakes because of their coloration and size. In a lake front, creek, river, or pond scenario; Water Snakes are very common sights. Water Snakes tend to be one of the more aggressive snakes we encounter and strike readily biting at the ankle area. Water snakes like to hang out and sun themselves on concrete walls, around rocks, or even right on the boat docks. The snakes found around our Rochester and Finger Lakes region may be non-venomous, the bite from one will still hurt and break the skin. Professional snake control and removal usually involves a snake trapping service along with snake proofing of structures where possible. We offer both services and have great results with trapping to remove them. Weather snakes are getting into your basement or are keeping you from enjoying your yard or waterfront property, give us a call and let us put an end to the madness.