With so many squirrels around and less places for them to live, it’s no wonder why they chew into the attics and walls of homes. Squirrels cause some serious damage with the chewing that they do, be it on the rafters in the attic or the wires in the walls. Looking to put an end to it? Call us today!

Common problems associated with squirrels can range from a squirrel getting trapped inside a house by coming down an un-capped chimney or through an open door, to squirrels actually living in the home. When trapped in a home, squirrels will often chew window sills and around doors in an attempt to escape. When a squirrel has become a problem, it is often because they have taken up residence in the attic or walls of a building. They are usually discovered because of the constant chatter they make, along with the chewing or gnawing on the rafters or studs. The damage doesn’t stop there. Many times they will even chew the plastic coating off of wires that are run through attic floors and walls, causing possible fire hazards. Squirrels will typically enter a home through a hole they have chewed. They can chew holes in soffits, fascia boards, siding, roof vents, or even weakened shingles. Squirrels breed twice a year, producing litters of one to five young. The best way to control a squirrel problem is through trapping. We trap the squirrels until the trap activity stops, and then seal the holes that were chewed through. Often we will then offer a warranty against squirrel re-entry at those points. We will also offer the following services: removal of overhanging tree branches/limbs (to help prevent wildlife access to the roof), and the cleaning out of clogged gutters (which result in water buildup leading to the rotting out of the wood behind them, offering a weakened spot on the home for wildlife to chew through).