Collapsing sidewalks and garage floors, digging under decks and sheds, destroying gardens and landscaping, digging under and ripping pool liners, the damage that woodchucks can cause is endless. Don’t wait for it to happen, call us today!

Woodchucks, often referred to as groundhogs or chucks, can cause tremendous nuisance problems around a home, office, golf course, farm, or anywhere that has vegetation. Woodchuck damage includes digging holes around a home, eating tasty flowers and your lawn, and sometimes chewing on the wood around a deck, porch, or home. They often burrow den sites under decks, sheds, garages, porches, pools, and in flower beds. Woodchucks breed once a year producing three to four young per litter. Woodchuck removal is done through aggressive trapping. Harassing them with the garden hose or throwing a ball at them will not convince them to move on. Woodchucks can become surprisingly aggressive when harassed. The myth of spreading moth balls around your yard or the woodchuck’s den site is just that, a myth, and has proven to be ineffective. Oftentimes, what one might think to be one or two woodchucks, turns out to be several. Sometimes a critter barrier is essential in keeping woodchucks from burrowing. A critter barrier is a chew-proof screening installed around an area. If woodchucks are driving you crazy, give us a call and let us handle it.