Here is what a few of our satisfied customers have to say about us!

"We recently contracted with Nick Pallo, Frogger Wildlife, to trap and remove feral cats from our property. Over a week's time he successfully and humanely captured 4 cats and transported them to Lollypop Farm for admission. Nick was very professional and careful not to traumatize the cats throughout this process. He provided a simple contract and responded promptly to phone calls and Emails.
We would not hesitate to contact Nick in the future should we need his services again."
- Tom & Karen S. Honeoye Falls, NY

"Once you had rounded up all the raccoons and taken care of the repairs to the soffit on Arvine Park, I realized I never really thanked you for doing such a terrific and professional job.
In my business, there are so many different types of contracting needs I have and it has gotten much more difficult to find people who return calls, show up when they say they will and follow through on getting a job done. If I do hire them, very often their main focus is getting the job done-not necessarily completely, not professionally and certainly, not with any sense of pride.
You have been the exception and I want you to know how very much I appreciated the work you did. From the time I gave you the go-ahead, you did precisely what you said you were going to do and although I paid you before any work was done (and I NEVER do that), I felt comfortable that you were going to do exactly what you told me.
Your knowledge of wildlife was impressive and while I hope I don't have to call you again for anything, I am also more realistic and our paths will most likely cross again.
Many thanks for the work you performed and for reminding me that I should remain optimistic regarding hiring different vendors."
- Kathy G. Rochester, NY

"Nick - thank you so much again for your professionalism and thorough handling of our squirrel situation. I will proudly recommend your services to everyone. Hope all is well and thank you"
- Jamie and Mary Jo Livonia, NY

“Thanks Nick for the opportunity to let other "mole sufferers" know how incredibly effective your work has been for me in my home.
I had tried 2 other companies over several seasons to deal with the destructive moles in my yard. One guy caught one mole; the other guy just gave up without catching any. Of course I had to pay them both! This summer, by some miracle, I found Frogger Wildlife on line. I called, told you how discouraged I was and how badly I needed some help. You came out that next day, showed up when you said you would, assessed the problems, gave me a very fair price and went to work setting up traps. You checked the traps regularly, moved them and even used different kinds to be more effective.
Nick Pallo of Frogger Wildlife is the king of mole trappers! He shows up on time, gets the job done and all at a fair price. He is exceptional and highly effective at his job as well as being polite and professional. I recommend him for any nuisance wildlife problem. Nobody knows how to trap moles like Nick--nobody!"
- Sincerely, Georgann Fairport, NY

“I had been battling a mole problem for years - tried all of the usual suggested remedies, e.g. ultrasonic gizmos, sprays to make their prey unpalatable, even traps, but I was spectacularly unsuccessful! …
In desperation, when my lawn looked like a depleted mine field, I turned to Nick for his help, and he responded immediately. Given the amount of damage, and therefore the number of moles involved, he suggested that I take the full summer program at a set rate. I agreed, and he laid a great number of traps on the first day, and returned, as promised, in one week to assess the results. To my delight, he had captured a large number of moles.
He suggested that I call him when, I noticed additional activity. When I did, I emailed him - and he always responded immediately, and usually came the next day to set additional traps - each time adding more moles to the total. Finally after numerous trips, my mole problem is no more!
We found Nick to be professional, knowledgeable, punctual, responsive, and always very pleasant. We give him our highest recommendation. Thank you Nick!"
- Dennis D. Webster, NY

“Frogger Wildlife Consultants removed a family of raccoons from our attic and the surrounding area -- in a compassionate way. This required multiple trips to set and check traps over several weeks. He was very knowledgeable about the habits of raccoons, the best lures to use in the traps, and ways for us to prevent this problem in the future. He initially responded to my phone call quickly and he continued to be responsive to questions and phone calls throughout the process with a high degree of professionalism. He was a pleasure to work with, and we felt good about the animals being handled humanely. We would definitely use Frogger Wildlife Consultants again if we had a wildlife problem, and we recommend him to others."
- Alice D. Rochester, NY

“Nick trapped the skunk living below our deck and saved us a lot of grief!"
- Louis C. Fairport, NY

“He came to our place to remove some woodchucks from our yard. He dropped off and baited two traps, and gave us his number. By the evening time, it had trapped a critter. I called him, and he was at our house, removing the critter before I was done eating my breakfast. This repeated for a few days, with equal responsiveness. His prices were very reasonable."
- Scott L. Pittsford, NY

“I hired Frogger Wildlife Consultants to address a problem with squirrels I was having in the 3rd floor crawl spaces of my building and also a rat that had been seen around the building. I had hired someone to do this two years ago, but the squirrels came back. Nick was available to assess my situation the day after I contacted him. He did a thorough search of entry points and set traps in the appropriate locations. Over a two week period, he caught eight squirrels! After evaluating that the squirrel activity inside the house had stopped, he blocked all entry points for the squirrels and gave me a warranty on maintaining those blocked off points. The price was a little higher than the prior wildlife management company I hired, but the result were better."
- Andrew G. Rochester, NY

“Nick verified that we had rat families, one in a basement ceiling and one outside near the house. He recommended putting out several live traps to catch and remove them.
Nick placed traps strategically to catch the rats. He has different types of baits to attack them depending on the circumstances. It was the second round of trapping that actually got rid of them all. He also recommended we stop using the bird feeders during the process. Whenever something was in a trap, he came and promptly removed the trap, replacing it with a fresh one. Although expensive, he is very professional and knowledgeable about his craft. We would hire him again if we needed his services."
- Karen K. Rochester, NY

“We found him on the internet. We thought we had chipmunks, but it turned out that we hadn't. We had bats. He went all around the house and looked under the siding to find out where little mice were chewing and did all sorts of work like that. He put a foam kind of material at the edge where the siding met the foundation. He filled all the holes with better stuff. He was wonderful. He came out within an hour or two of us calling him. He was very punctual. He showed us where he thought the animals were chewing and getting in. He gave us an estimate of the price. There was a charge for him to come and look, but that was taken off the final bill because we chose to use him. He absolutely stuck with the estimate. There were no hidden charges or anything. He also cleaned up after himself. He was great. He was also reasonably priced, but we didn't shop around much. He bought all the supplies and spent all morning working. He was here this morning to look at something else for us."
- Carol K. Penfield, NY